Helpful links and resources for antiques to genealogy and more.

Antiques and Collectibles

Here’s a good guide to taking care of antiques, from the Smithsonian Museum Conservation Institute.

Right here is a guide to terms used in old and rare book collecting, from the Independent Online Bookseller’s Association.


This is for the budding artist in your life: an interesting and fun introduction into making illuminated manuscripts for kids.

Here is a solid primer on historical painting techniques, which could contain some advice for the modern artist looking at traditional techniques, from the Getty Conservation Institute.

Art History

This one’s  for those who want to learn more about illuminated manuscripts, in addition to the sources I provided in my Modern Illuminated Manuscripts post. From the J. Paul Getty Museum.

Khan Academy also has some general videos covering an introduction to the field of art history.


Here is the USGenWeb Project’s website, which provides free genealogy help and info for searches regarding the US.

Here and here are two US government guides/databases for genealogy searches.

Ancestry is one most people have heard of, but I just wanted to put it out there. It may not be helpful in the free version, but I had fairly good results in the paid-for version. Some areas are better covered than others: the US and UK had great documentation, Italy not so much.

Have one you think I should add? Leave a comment below.